What Three Ways Does King Claudius Plan To Kill Hamlet In The Play Hamlet?


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1.Laertes is a good swords man,so Claudius arranges a duel between them.
2.Hamlet gets the "unbated" sword so in case Hamlet wounds Laertes it wont be as severe
3.Laertes has his sword dipped in poison which will kill anyone if it gets into their blood stream.Which means that if Hamlets gets wounded he would die.
4.Claudius has a poison drink waiting for Hamlet if he gets thirsty during the duel.
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King Claudius plans the following ways to kill Hamlet:
- He arranges a fencing match between Laertes and Hamlet where Laertes will fight with a poison tipped sword.
- He also plans that if it fails he will offer Hamlet some poisoned wine.
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  In the original play, called "Amleth", and written in the 10th century, Amleth is sent on a trade mission to England along with his two 'best friends', Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. However, they have orders to murder Amleth, who intercepts their orders, and changes his name for theirs. So, it is they who are murdered! 

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Aicha is right, and also he plans to have Hamlet killed on his voyage to England (Hamlet escapes.)

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