Which Of Nelson DeMille's Books Have Been Made Into Movies?


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Nelson Richard DeMille is an American author, known for his crime fiction and thrillers. He has also published books under the pseudonyms Jack Cannon, Kurt Ladner and Brad Matthews. As of June 2012, two of his books have been made into movies: The General's Daughter and Word of Honor.

The General's Daughter - Written in 1992, The General's Daughter follows a military agent whose duty is to investigate the death of Ann Campbell, the daughter of a legendary general. The novel was made into a film of the same name in 1999, and stars John Travolta as protagonist Paul Brenner. The film had a negative critical reception overall, with trusted review site Rotten Tomatoes giving it an approval rating of only 22%.

Word of Honor -  Written in 1985, Word of Honor is about an ex-army officer accused of war crimes eighteen years after his service in Vietnam. A made-for-television movie was released in 2003, produced by and starring Don Johnson, who plays protagonist Lt. Benjamin Tyson.

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