Have Any Of Lisa Gardner's Books Been Made Into Movies?


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As of June 2012, four of Lisa Gardner's novels have been made into films, three of which were made-for-television movies. Besides writing thrillers under her real name, Gardner writes romances under the pseudonym Alicia Scott.

Films Based On Lisa Gardner Novels

- At The Midnight Hour (TV movie, 1995) - A love affair develops between a wealthy widow and the woman he hires to care for his child.

- Instinct To Kill (2001) - Based on the novel The Perfect Husband. Watch the trailer here.

- The Survivors Club (TV movie, 2004) - Three women form 'The Survivors Club' after being raped by a serial killer. When the killer is assassinated on the first day of his trial, the victims become suspects themselves. The entire movie is available to watch on this Youtube playlist.

- Hide (TV movie, 2011) - Detective D. D. Warren investigates the mummified remains of six women. The trailer for this film can be found here.

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Yes Lisa Gardner's books have been made into movies or should one say television serials. A European producer turned the book a perfect husband into a television Movie

Similarly CBS in the 1995 turned the book at the midnight hour to a television movie. Thus one cans ay that her books have been converted into movies. Even in Germany the instinct kill was converted into a movie. It starred the famous German actor Mark Dacascos.

The year 2004 also witnessed another book called the survivors club being an inspiration for a movie. This movie made it to the CBS movie of the week. The cast of this movie was the so popular Roma Downey, Lauren Lee Smith and who can forget Jacqueline Bisset.
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