The Colors White And Black What Do You Mix Together To Get White?


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White its self is not a color white is blank, you can use it to get other colors but white is not a color....the best to you
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It isn't about mixing every color of paint together until you get some dark blob on paper. It is about light. If you remove all source of light you have blackness or true black (as in black hole). If you shine white light through a prism you will see it broken down into its components. Shades of red, blue and yellow (like a rainbow).
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White light contains all the light colors of the spectrum.

Black is the absence of light of any color, that is in the visible range.

When you mix ink/paint colors, it gets darker, When you mix light colors it gets lighter.

A ink/paint color is a chemical substance which reflects a certain color of light only and absorbs any light of any other color.
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The colors white and black are both colors. White is a combination of all 7 colors of the rainbow, whilst black means that means no color ^^

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