How can I make white paint at home?


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Formula for making white wall paint at home:
1. Indoor : List ratio of white zince and acrylic.
2. Outdoor: Is white cement sufficient with pre-and post  water curing
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In a bucket or old, empty paint can, mix 1one part water to three parts powdered milk.

Blend with a large spoon or paint mixer until it reaches the consistency of paint.

Add a few tablespoons of water-based color if you don’t want a plain, neutral white. A light pink or sky blue will add a slight tinge to the white paint. You can even use water color paint if you don’t have a whole can of room décor paint on hand.

Let the paint dry thoroughly, at least 24 hours, between each coat. Two to three coats should make for an evenly opaque finish.

Go over the last coat of paint with a few strokes of clear nail polish if the painted area is fairly small and the wall is painted with a glossy finish. This will blend the matte finish of the powdered milk paint with the gloss of the rest of the wall inexpensively and flawlessly.

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It would be downright stupid at my place to buy powdered milk for wall paiting. Powdered milk here is used for baby fee, tea and coffee not wall paint.
What I need to know is the ratio of white zinc and archlic for making indoor wall paint and is white cement with pre and post water curing sufficient for exterior wall painting.
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Well theres no point so just go to the  store and get some white paint
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Making paint is easy. Here are the things you need.
1.a packet of Kool-aid(any flavor or color)
2.two cups of water
Steps:Mix the Kool-aid and water together. The Kool-aid will give it a good fragrance.

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