What Are The Poetic Devices Used In The Poem The Solitary Reaper?


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The poem and ballad "The Solitary Reaper" was written by world-renowned English poet William Wordsworth. It is regarded as one of the best poems he has ever created and often used in academic situations when teaching English Literature. Some of the poetic devices that could be used in the poem are:

  • Metaphors

This is where the writer creates the illusion of one subject being something else. This creates the visual imagery in the readers head so that they can understand and appreciate what the original subject appears to be to the writer. Anywhere where the writer suggests something is something else is where a metaphor appears.

  • Similes

This poetic device is similar to a metaphor but it is more of a comparison that a suggestion that one subject is something else. Instead - the writer will describe the subject as being like or being similar to something. Again, this is used mostly to create imagery and give the audience a mental picture of the subject in their heads.

  • First person perspective

Wordsworth is writing the poem in first person, meaning he is writing the poem from his own personal perspective. First person narratives will include a lot of personal pronouns such as "I" and "we" and are used mostly to create the idea of the audience being inside the writers head and hearing their thoughts and their inner voice.

  • Present tense

The poem is written as if the reader is experiencing the events in the here and now. Other tenses that are used in poems can often be past tense, where the writer will reflect on something that has already happened.

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