In Your Own Words, Describe Two Of The Poetic Elements Used In The Poem Above By Santiago. Please Limit Your Response To 5 To 10 Sentences?


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Without knowing what particular poem you are talking about then no detailed response can be provided. If you still want to receive a detailed response then you need to ask the question again, but also including the name of the poem that you are talking about.

Poetic elements will vary between poems so of course, it does help a lot to provide the name of the poem. If you are going to write an answer to this question yourself, however (as you probably will given that this appears to be an academic question) then you're going to have to ask yourself a few questions as well. Poetry is all down to interpretation so whilst there may be some real definition behind the poem, there also needs to be an element of opinion. Either in your English or poetry classes, or in the books that you have been studying from, you should have found information relating to what poetic elements are. Different kinds of poems and different characteristics in poems should have been explained and you should understand them - that means that you should apply this knowledge and provide your own opinion.

As long as you are able to justify your answer then there is no reason why your answer should be incorrect. You need to be able to remember the information that you've been taking in during your studies, but you also need to be able to prove that you can apply the information by answering questions like this. This is a great way to prove that you can really understand the way that poems are formed, and by mixing answers found on the Internet with your own opinion you can get a really good understanding of the poem.

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