Toshiba Notebook Screen Has Vertical Line, What Should I Do?


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I have a P200. It once fell off a short table (some 30cm) when open. The wire got entagled to my ankle, so I pulled the cord and it fell over the AC plug, twisting and loosening it a bit.

I had to open the laptop to fix the AC plug. Once re-assembled and fixed, it was working fine for 3 months.

Then, it started to shut down for no reason. After several weeks, I realized that it shut ted down ANYTIME I tried to close the lid. A bit later, the computer was very sensitive to any kind of shake. Working on an unstable surface would eventually shut it down (In the car).

There were also another issue. Energetic typing would lead to shut down as well, but there are some keys more sensitive than the others. This keys are: Delete, Backspace and the Num Pad (All of them).

This issue is unlikely to happen if you avoid these keys, but as said, power typing would shut it down anyways.

A couple of months ago, a vertical line appeared on the screen. Little later there were two, then three and so on until I have got 7 vertical lines now.

The computer is fine at the end of the day. It runs as new (Disregarding the lines thing) until you perform one of the actions described above: Lid Closing and Power typing.

Is there any fix for this? Could it be the inverter? I don't care that much about the lines as for the shaky-shaky thing, which takes me to remove the battery, press power button for 30s, putting the battery back in place and crossing fingers....

Well! If thereĀ“s solution for the lines it would be most appreciated.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite and have had several problems with colored vertical lines as well. Try to hook you laptop up to an external monitor to see if the vertical lines are present on the external monitor. If they are not then chances are your LCD has gone bad and probably will need to be replaced. If it's still under warranty, you should contact Toshiba immediately.
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I have a Toshiba and had the same problems 4 times. Counting the original LCD, I'm on my 4th LCD and its needing repair again. If you hook your laptop up to an external monitor and the vertical lines aren't on the external monitor, chances are your LCD may need to be replaced. If your laptop is still under warranty, I would contact Toshiba ASAP.
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