How do you picture the woman in this poem? What does she look like to you?


Like a breath,

The wind rustling,

From the mouth of God.

My companion?

How could I

Be worthy

Of her?

Still, steadfast,

She clings to my shirt

And kisses me.

God has made

For Him

My love.


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She has..

ruby-red hair,

an hour glass figure,

dreamy blue eyes,

and cheerful personality.

Reality as we know it

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Geneva Fitzpatrick
I love your poetic response :) Thank you! Sincerely, the author of this poem.
I wanted to make the question anonymous so the poem would just appear as a random bit of text with no outside influence or bias. But I wrote it, and this is my question haha.
Thank you!
SuperFly Original
No problem, thanks .
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Tom Jackson answered

As an ephemeral nymph---which is probably unfair to A.E. Housman:

Alfred Edward Housman (/ˈhaʊsmən/; 26 March 1859 – 30 April 1936), usually known as A. E. Housman, was an English classical scholar and poet, best known to the general public for his cycle of poems A Shropshire Lad. Lyrical and almost epigrammatic in form, the poems wistfully evoke the dooms and disappointments of youth in the English countryside [2]. Their beauty, simplicity and distinctive imagery appealed strongly to late Victorian and Edwardian taste, and to many early 20th-century English composers (beginning with Arthur Somervell) both before and after the First World War. Through their song-settings, the poems became closely associated with that era, and with Shropshire itself.

Housman was one of the foremost classicists of his age and has been ranked as one of the greatest scholars who ever lived.[1][2] He established his reputation publishing as a private scholar and, on the strength and quality of his work, was appointed Professor of Latin atUniversity College London and then at Cambridge. His editions of Juvenal, Manilius and Lucan are still considered authoritative.

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Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
I gave the footnote...
Geneva Fitzpatrick
Neat response, Tom! I've actually never read any of Housman's works, but I was actually super influenced by Emily Dickinson if you would like to know!
I'm the author of the poem, and I just made the question anonymous because I wanted it to be kind of a random source style question.
But thanks for the response!
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
Well them, I am definitely impressed.
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idk looking like me I guess.

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