Can You Use Acrylic Paint For Face Painting?


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Ive painted for 10+ years and I have used acrylics!
ive gotten them on my skin
and they wash off very easily!
Just use soap and water.
And I always start with a layer of WHITE craft paint
then add my colors.
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Yes read the msds sheets if you want to make sure..... There is nothing wrong with using these paints on your face.
There is more risk of a latex allergy from the "face" paint and eye irritation from the red oxides in these paints than the possible nickle allergy from the acrylic's.
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Daniel Lasris
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You do know that acrylics are latex based right? Also, professional water based face paints do NOT have latex in them.

You obviously are lazy and do not have any knowledge about the different safe professional face & body paints on the market. If you are going to give an answer, you need to be educated before sticking your foot in your mouth.

DO NOT USE ACRYLICS!!! They are not made for the face or body! They are also NOT hypoallergenic!
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Daniel Lasris , Professional Face & Body Painter, answered

PLEASE read this post in it's entirety before you decide whether risking achild's health is worth saving a fewbucks...

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No you shouldn't use acrylic paint on faces. It is especially dangerous for kids with sensitive skin. Read   this article if you want to know more.
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Most of the information regarding the "horrible" side effects from using acyrilic paints comes from facepainting producers that want to scare you. There is nothing wrong with using acrylic's. Read the MSDS sheets yourself AND they come right off in water with out soap AND baby wipes peel them off with no issues also.
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Wrong, just because it says it is nontoxic does not mean it is made for putting on the face. It just means if you accidentally ingest it or get some on your skin it will not harm you drastically. You don't have to be a professional to use common sense. Acrylics are a cheap and lazy way of trying to do what professionals do. I am a professional face painter of 13 years and I can tell you that your ignorance is going to cause you problems in the future. USE the correct products and stop being a lazy painter!
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If you have sensitive skin then no. But if not then I guess it's okay. It is washable though
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danielle morrison , Buy wonderful paintings, modern art and home décor artifacts at the best online art gallery Central Coast., answered

Yes,  you can use Acrylic Paint for face painting that seems very wonderful.

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No! Use water base paint. You want it to c ome off
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Yes. I use it quite often for football games and such. It rubs off very easily if it gets damp from persperation. It washes easily with soap and water.

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