Example Letter For Land Sale Propposal?


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If you are looking to sell a plot of land, you are likely going to have to write a letter containing your land sale proposal. This letter will probably be going to a company that you consider to have a possible interest in buying your land. Such a letter may go something like this:

Dear Sir, Madam of (company name),

I am writing to you concerning my plans to sell (land plot)...

My organization would like to extend to you the opportunity to buy (land plot). Please contact us to arrange possible discussions and negotiations if you feel this opportunity would be attractive to your company.

Best regards,

(Your name and associated organization)

Sending a letter like this demonstrates that you plan to sell your land and you are willing to sell to the company in questions. The letter opens the door to possible negotiations on sale and price. Of course, further correspondence will be necessary but this will be a lot easier once initial contact has been established.

There are a number of reasons one may wish to sell a plot of land:

• To raise money for investment into another project. Land plots can sell at high prices, particularly if they are in attractive locations such as nearby major cities or trading ports.
• Due to the fact the plot of land is in demand; if you know a company or a number of companies would like to buy your land, they are likely to be willing to pay a very high price for it. This could be beneficial to you as you may receive more than what the land is actually worth.
• The land may no longer be of use to you; if you no longer wish to own a plot of land, it makes financial sense to sell it on.

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