How Has Art Changed Over The Past 100 Years?


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The last 100 years have been very significant in terms of art and its development. Also, art, by its very nature, is constantly evolving and changing.

Whilst the factors that have influenced art in the past century are too numerous to list them all, three very important ones are:

  • War
  • Changing social attitudes
  • Technological advances
How has art changed between 1912-2012?
Since 1912 the world has been at war twice (and we expect a third any time now). Because art is a representation of our times, war has had a massive impact on the art of the past 100 years.

Whilst there have always been wars throughout human history, and art has always mirrored this fact, the past century has certainly been the most destructive.

We have become so adept and efficient at killing, and this has certainly had an impact on the themes that the art of our time explores.

From the escapism and Dadaism that was directly influenced by World War II, through to works by Pablo Picasso that portrayed Nazi-occupied France, war has certainly had an impact on art.

Art in the past 100 years

Social attitudes have changed dramatically since the early 1900s, and this is represented by a plethora of art dedicated to themes that would have previously been considered blasphemous, evil or obscene.

Our shifting attitudes to things like the role of women, homosexuality, and racial discrimination have been represented in the art of the past century.

What has been the biggest influence on art in the past 100 years?

Technology and communication have certainly had their say on the way art is created and expressed, too.

These days, a lot of the visual art we come across is in the form of computer-generated design, photography and animation. 

With the rise of the computer and the internet, it is safe to say that the definition of art itself has been re-shaped.
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Art is constantly changing, as it is an expression of our times.

Mind you my brother said before you can move on to more abstract, you must first understand and master realism.

This is true for many art forms.

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