How To Write A Letter About My Travel Plan?


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A letter about a travel plan is called an itinerary, and it is an excellent way to let others know exactly where you plan to be, and when you will be in those locations. Typically, a travel itinerary will also include hotel information (or the addresses you will be staying at) and contact information (including phone numbers).

How To Write An Itinerary

• The first step of writing a travel letter, or itinerary, should be addressing the letter to the correct recipient. Most travel letters will begin, Dear ______, using a person's first name (if friends with the letter writer), or Dear Mr.______ (for a colleague, such as a boss). Of course, if the letter if going to a female colleague, the correct moniker should be, Ms. (with the woman's last name added).
• The body of the letter should include all travel details, arranged in date order, and time order. For example, a trip to Paris might include scheduled flight times into the city, your arrival at your hotel (with hotel name and phone number), and a list of any planned activities you are going to enjoy while visiting the City of Light. Go through all of the days of your trip, detailing locations, hotels, activities, and flight times. These facts may be arranged in bullet point form, or numerical order (by date), so that they are clearer for the reader.
• To finish the letter, conclude with a simple phrase, such as, "Thanks for reading my itinerary", and then, sign off with your name, printed on the bottom of the letter. When you print out the letter, sign your name in ink, right above your printed name; this makes the letter look much more professional.

As you can see, writing a travel letter is quite simple; however, it's very important to fact-check your dates, phone numbers, and facts, in case there is an emergency and you must be contacted.
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