What Is Biography Of Agapito Flores And His Picture?


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Agapito Flores was born in The Philippines on September 28th in 1897 and is famous for NOT inventing the fluorescent bulb; this is because he actually sold the idea of the fluorescent bulb to the General Electric Company.

Some major points in his life include:
  • Attending a vocational school in Tondo in Manila where he trained to become an electrician.
  • There he is said to have invented the fluorescent bulb and received a French Patent to protect anyone else stealing his idea.
  • He then sold the Patent to France's multi national company, The General Electric Company.
  • Agapito Flores died in 1943.
It is alleged that he sold the patent simply because the government didn't give him the support he needed to follow it through.
The General Electric Company went on to manufacture the fluorescent bulb which benefited the world and made millions in the process.

There is also some controversy over the actual dates, as Flores was born in 1897, there is information taken from The History of Fluorescent Lights that in 1857 a French physicist, Alexandre E Becquerel was investigating the idea of building the fluorescent bulb. So if this is true then the dates are all wrong.

Many Filipinos will still claim to this day that is was Agapito Flores who invented the fluorescent bulb and it reportedly got its name from Flores.
The Fluorescent bulb is said to have took 79 years of development, following the invention of the light bulb which was invented by acclaimed inventor Thomas Edison.
The fluorescent bulb hit US markets in 1938 and is still selling all over the world.

You can find images of Agapito Flores on the Internet using Google Images.

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