Write A Letter To Principal For Discontinue From The College?


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For you to discontinue your studies at college, you need to be aware of the implications. In the current state of recession it is hard for college graduates, let alone drop-outs, to find employment. It is advised that you stick to your academic studies to enhance your job prospects and your attractiveness to employers.
However, if you genuinely wish to quit and this is well thought out and reasoned, then that is your decision. Your letter should ideally be just that - a letter. This seems more formal and more intended than an email, although if properly styled then that would suffice.

Your letter, or email, should feature your contact details in the top right. Below this, and back on the left hand side, should be the start of the letter where you address the principal. 'Dear Sir' or 'Dear Madam' will suffice, just pick whichever applies. You then need to detail your request to drop out from college studies and your reason for doing so. In order to be successful, you need to be truthful in your reasons, as well as plenty explanatory. A principal will receive many requests to drop out, so will know the usual troubles and reasons.

Your letter should be relatively concise. It doesn't want to waffle but it wants be cover all the details as to your request. You should the end the letter with ,Yours Sincerely,, followed by your name.

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