How To Write A Invitation Letter To The Principal For College Function?


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Writing an invitation letter to the principal for a college function is easy and fun. After all, you're not in high school anymore, so contacting your old high school principal and asking him or her to attend a fun or educational event at your college should be a pleasure. If you know your principal well, you can simply send a friendly note that asks him or her to come to your event, if they possibly can.

  • Letter writing tips

Make sure that you include the details of the event, such as the address, time of the event, type of event, name of event, etc. Leave nothing out that might leave your principal wondering where, when, how and why. Answer all the questions in advance by writing a nice, cheery letter that fills in all of the blanks.

  • RSVP please

If you want to, add the phrase, "RSVP Please" to the bottom of your letter, in the last paragraph. When you add this phrase to a request letter, it means that the person who receives the letter should contact you before the event to let you know whether or not they are planning to attend. You could also put a date to RSVP by - for example, if the event is on October 10th, 2011, and you sent the letter on August 10, 2011, ask your principal to RSVP by September 10th, 2011. 

Your relationship with your principal will probably affect whether or not he or she decides to attend the college event you've invited him or her to. If you're friendly with each other, and you were a good student and a hard worker, your principal may be happy to show up and enjoy the special occasion. However, if your principal doesn't really remember you, he or she may balk at showing up for an event you invited him or her to. Anyway - it is always worth a try - just make sure your letter is very, very polite.

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