Example Of Business Letter Requesting A Meeting?


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A business letter requesting a meeting will usually be quite formal and should have all of the information required for the requested person to attend the meeting without them having to contact you to find out any more information.

This letter should obviously have all of the basic information included but it should also include any additional notes about the meeting or anything that the attendees need to be aware of before attending the meeting.

Some main points to include are;

  • Where and when the meeting is being held. This should also include any notes of how get to the meeting if you feel that the location is not well know to everyone invited.
  • Who is invited to attend. This way, if someone feels that someone else is missing or they feel that someone else would better discuss one of the scheduled matters, they can pass the invite on or inform the organizer that another person should be invited too.

  • If there is a main reason for the meeting, this should be pointed out and explained before the schedule for the day.
  • A schedule; what points you will be discussing and in what order. This will allow any attendees that feel they need to find out more about a topic or write a proposal for any subject on the schedule will know in advance and they will be able to prepare themselves for the meeting.
  • Any items that the attendees need to bring along. These could be notes from previous meetings or any research that they may have done on the subject of the meeting. This may be important for the subject of the meeting and you should outline it in the letter.
If it is a long meeting or likely to go on for a while. You should let the attendees know if they need to being along food and refreshments or whether these will be provided.
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You can see an example here of a formal letter introducing the writer and rewquesting a meeting. For a bigger variety of examples, you can type the key words 'business letter request meeting' in a search engine, and you will see a page of results. You can explore these links and find different examples of meeting request letters.

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