Help! I Need A Manual For A Willcox & Gibbs 515-E32-450 Industrial Serger. Where can I Find One?


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The Sergers and sewing machines of Willcox & Gibbs, for decades the great rivals to Singer, appear to have been more popular, and are now more keenly collected, in the UK rather than the USA. 

The only site I found a manual for the 515-E32-450 model is at

Please note however that although the site offers some manuals as free to download, others carry a charge and I'm unsure as to whether they are willing to ship items to the US, so check with them first.

Willcox & Gibbs closed down in 1973, so manuals for any of their models are thin on the ground. You could try general query sites such as and, or appliance manual libraries such as or, which specializes in vintage models.

If you wanted to post an appeal for a Willcox & Gibbs manual on a sewing community forum, then is the best place to start.

If all else fails, try watching some of the YouTube films on Willcox & Gibbs machines, such as this one of a user's 1892 model:

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