What Makes Yellow?


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Yellow is a primary color and cannot be produced through a blending of any other colors. The other prime colors include red and blue. All these colors can be blended with other colors and shades to produce the range of colors we know today.
By making these colors together we can make other shades. So by mixing red and yellow you can make orange. It can be made more of an intense, deep shade by adding more red. On the other hand you can make a lighter orange shade by adding more yellow. In the same way, yellow and blue added together can make green. Add more yellow to the mixture to make a lighter colored shade of green.
When it comes to producing a yellow light, it can be executed by mixing red and green lights that have been blended together. This may be used a theatre production or for an art exhibition for example.
White is often confused to be a color when in fact it is only a shade. In the same way, black can be described as a tone or value. This is because white and black can be added to colors to make new shades of colors. For example, white can be added to red to make pink.
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Yellow is a primary color and can not be made by mixing two colors together.
Not sure where the original color comes from. Maybe an iron oxide?
I remember that blue comes from the Indigo plant.
You could try Googling if no one else here has the answer.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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Green and Red
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Red and Green make yellow in light-based colors.

Red and Green makes brown in pigment-based colors.

Sources: Color theory.

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