I'm a 24 Years old informatic developer, how can i become professional pianist?


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Duane Bryant answered
1.  Buy a quality piano, have it delivered and tuned.  2.  Hire the best instructor for beginners you can find.  3.  PRACTICE AT LEAST 8 HOURS A DAY - - - EVERYDAY!!!  4.  As you progress, hire instructors that can keep you improving your talent.  5.  When you're good enough, go to Juilliard.  5.  Start playing anywhere for money or for free to get used to performing in public.  6.  After you graduate, start studying with the best professionals possible.  7.  Even at age 90, Arturo Rubenstein still practiced 8 HOURS A DAY!!!  (His favorite song was John Philipp Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever".)

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