What Does Fang And Max Look Like From The Maximum Ride Series?


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Max: Weighs about 106 and 5'8. Hair brown and wavy, sun kissed mostly red with some blonde.   Her eyes are chocolate brown. Wings are white with brown splotches or spots or something.
Fang: Brown hair book 1 long book 2 short with an emo cut. Lol. Dark black mysterious eyes. 5'9 or 5'10 or somthing I forgot what max explained. Weighs about 106 as well. Wings are dark black with a purple tint. Looks a lot like the angels of death, as max says. Lol hope that helps! :D
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You can certainly look at the mangaised image of those two (drawn by narae lee) online or at YenPlus. Fang has long (a bit messy) dark hair and has a black attire, tall too. Max is a dark blonde (straight on the novel cover, but wild and wavy in manga) and wears a sweater-like shirt (with turtle neck in manga) with jeans and boots. In the recent  chapter, they all have makeovers so Fang now has short hair, but with a long flap of hair covering half his face (dyed many colors) and also wearing a black attire that is a slightly dfrnt design. (KYA~) Max now had short, feathery hair, boots, a crop jean jacket (college student style in manga) and some tight jeans (I think).
  If you want detail on colors, read the book. Sorry, I don't have mine with me at the moment. As for the manga, its difficult to say because there aren't many covers at the moment. (full body at the least. Only the top half of max with her turtle neck and one of gazzy&nudge on Yen Plus)

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Neither max nor fang have a real hairstyle. Max's hair is brown and about shoulder length. Fang's hair is pretty much black, long - ish, and scruffy. Fang's eyes are almost black - really dark, and max's are brown. Her mother is Hispanic so that's where her eyes come from. Fang is over six feet tall and max is 5 foot 8.max wears only jeans, a t - shirt and a jacket to cover the wings when shes not flying. Fang wears the same, only black, always black. Does that help.

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