Describe The Play "The Princess On The Road" By Kathleen C. Green.


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The play is about a princess in disguise who has arrived in a village to have some adventure. She is the newly wedded wife of prince Florimund who rules that territory. She does not like the formal life of the palace. She disguises herself as a peasant girl and leaves the palace secretly. After traveling twelve miles on foot she enters a village. She is dusty and the edge of her skirt is torn. She is wearing only one shoe. She plucks flowers and sings as she walks.

The princess feels thirsty and hungry. But here is no one to help her. A child tells her that villagers have gone for harvesting. She goes into a cottage and brings milk and bread. Soon the villagers arrive there and accuse her of stealing their things. She tells them that she is the princess of that land and asks them to drive her back to the Town. The village folk laugh at her and do not believe her to be the princess. They call her brazen-faced hussy, thief and vagabond. They suggest different punishments for her.

The princess becomes frightened and does not know how to get rid of them. Meanwhile a Juggler arrives there. The villagers greet him respectfully. He recognizes the princess and warns the villagers to behave properly. They do not believe him and demand some proof of her position. The princess sings and dances to prove her status but they are not convinced. At last the Juggler suggests to the princess to show them the juggling of balls. She spins six apples in the air without letting them fall. The villagers are wonder-struck at her marvellous performance. They offer to drive her back home.

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