How You Will Write A Letter To Get A Copy Of Birth Certificate?


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To get the copy of birth certificate you should write a letter to the corresponding department.
There is the following thing, which should be kept in your mind when writing a letter.
1. The letter must be to the point and shortly described about your request.
2. It would be better if you would mention one or two request in one letter. Because if requests will be more it will confuse the officers.
3. Try to type the letter and avoid hand written applications or letters.
4. Send a Stamped envelop along with your postal address with your letter to the office.

5. Your letter will take time to process so give them time to reply your letter and process on your application.
6. Mention the date of your appliance.
7. Clear and correct information should be provided to the office to get the copy of certificate.
8. Give the detail about the person who wants the certificate e.g., name, date of birth and signature etc.
9. Give the detail of applicant e.g., name, address, date of birth, signature etc.
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If you are doing by mail to whom, it may concern "I am requesting a copy of my birth certificate, my name is , my date of birth is, I was born in, I was born in, my mother's name is ,my mother's maiden name is, and my farther's name is", and sent it, how much it costs I'm not sure and there's pretty quick about it.

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