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In his essay "The Beauty Industry" Huxley says that women of this modern age are crazy to use beauty products in order to increase their physical charm and beauty. They paint their faces heavily and use a large number of cosmetics to make their skin healthy and fresh. But, has this campaign for more physical beauty succeeded in its aim. Have women really become more attractive and healthier.

Have they really got any reward for the energy, time and money spent on these things? The answer is yes as well as no. they are partly successful as now more women retain their youthful appearance to a greater age than in the past. Old ladies with white hair and wrinkles, bent back and hollow checks are disappearing very fast. Very soon it will be difficult to distinguish between the portraits of a mother and a daughter. This change has taken place due to skin foods and more rational way of life.

According to Huxley a women is not like a jar that requires only exterior decoration. A woman will be beautiful only when she is healthy and clean in body as well as soul. Huxley refers to two attractive American girls. Huxley believes that was unbearable that real beauty has nothing to do with make-up. It springs from inner goodness, spiritual satisfaction and social harmony.

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