How Does John Thornton Die In The Call Of The Wild?


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John Thornton dies in the last chapter of Jack London's book. By this time he has "tamed" Buck (as far as this is possible) and actually won a sizable sum of money by betting on the dog's loyalty and strength, and winning. With this money Thornton, and some friends, buy equipment and go deeper into the Alaskan wilderness, hoping to find gold. Buck stays with Thornton out of love, even though "the call of the wild" is louder than ever here, and he keeps wanting to go off with his wolf-kindred.

Eventually Buck comes back to the camp one day to find Thornton and his companions dead - they have been shot by arrows from a party of Yeehat (Native Alaskan) people. Buck kills several of the attackers and mourns his dead friend, but finally goes off to join the wolves who are his real people.

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