How Do You Make A Fake Signature?


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It is not advisable to ever fake a signature, but when a person wants to fake a signature it is vital that the original signature is available to copy. Practice the shaping of the letters and the leaning of the letters as well. Only once you are happy that the fake signature is the same as the genuine one should the fake be transferred onto the document or paper that is being faked.

Having said that, the faking of signatures is illegal in most countries in the world, and there are a number of different reasons that signatures are faked. Some instances of signature faking are more serious than others, and some examples of when signatures are faked are:

• Letters to school about a child

One of the most common occasions that a signature is faked is by school children. At times, schools send letters home for parents to read, and ask that the letter is returned signed to indicate that this has happened.

Children who do not want their parents to see the letter often fake the signature of the parent. This is also the case when a child has been off school without the consent of the parents and will want to fake a signature on a note to explain their absence.

• Counterfeiting

This is also common, and is especially so with pop stars. Posters and CDs are two examples of common use of fake signatures, to try and raise the price that items can be sold for. This practice has become more common since the introduction of online auction sites such as eBay.

• Fraud and deception

These instances are when somebody fakes a signature for monetary gain, and this is the most serious kind of faking signatures, when it comes to the legal implications.
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It is against lay to fake other's signature in most countries and it is not a right thing to do, so please do not do it.

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