What Does It Mean By The "First Person" In Storytelling?


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Most novels are narrated either in the first person, in 'third person omniscient', or in 'third person limited'. First person narration is used somewhat less frequently. The first-person point of view sacrifices omniscience and omnipresence for a greater intimacy with one character. E.g. 'I went to the shops and I bought a loaf of bread'. It allows the reader to see what the focus character is thinking; it also allows that character to be further developed through his or her own style in telling the story. The first person narrator is the type most obviously distinct from the author. It is a character in the work, which must follow all of the rules of being a character, even during its duties as narrator. For it to know anything, it must experience it with its senses, or be told about it. It can interject its own thoughts and opinions, but not those of any other character.

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