What Are Two Types Of Literature?


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Literature can be classified into two main groups: Prose and poetry. In the works of many famous authors - including Shakespeare and Bronté - both poetry and prose are merged together, as there is no clear divide between the two. Prose is often described as language with the primary objective of conveying a certain message to the reader using the written word. It does not conform to a set of linguistic rules - other than basic spelling and grammar - and could be called 'non-poetic' writing. Poetry, on the other hand, is seen as more of an art form. It uses the English language in an almost musical way, and involves techniques such as rhyming that would appear unnatural in most written works of prose.

There is also a difference in the structure of prose and poetry. Whereas prose is typically organized into paragraphs, poetry is written in stanzas and often takes a more linear structure than the former. Most writing you come across will be written in prose; conversations and speeches mainly take the form of prose, as do non-fiction articles, letters and most fictional books.

Despite these differences, however, there is a considerable overlap between poetry and prose which can make it difficult to define between the two. There are such things as poetic prose and prose poetry, which involve the key features of both prose and poetry in a single writing form. This blurred line of distinction between the two can be best seen in works such as Macbeth, where some of the writing takes a poetic form and other parts are written in continual prose. There are no real set definitions for prose and poetry, despite the attempts of many to define both terms - it is normally left up to the writer and then reader of a text to determine what they think the writing classifies as - be it prose, poetry or a combination of the two.
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Prose and Poetry

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