How Do I Contact Gregory David Roberts?


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This is a very easy task. In order to contact Gregory David Roberts you will just have to do a few things. Go over to his official website and once the page opens up you will see an option on the left side of the screen which reads 'contact'. You could go over to that and there is an email address posted there. You could mail him there and he will get your message. He is currently staying in Mumbai but he keeps moving between Mumbai and Melbourne. He operates basically from Mumbai.

Gregory David Roberts is a writer who is critically acclaimed all over the world and has achieved a large amount of success from is first and only book called Shantaram. The book was written in the year 2003 after serving his prison term.
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Rejection, destruction, redemption. Gregory David Roberts wrote a masterpiece. Love conquers all. He truly knows how to love, forgive and write.

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