What Are The Names Of Joel Osteen's Parents And Siblings?


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The name of Joel Osteen's father is John Osteen and the name of his mother is Dodie Osteen. Dodie is the second wife of Osteen's late father John. The late John Osteen was the founder of Lakewood Church. It was established on Mother's Day (namely the second Sunday in the month of May) in the year 1959.

Osteen has a half-brother named Justin. Justin is based in New York and does missionary work out of there. He is John's son from his first wife. John's first marriage ended in a divorce. John and Dodie Osteen had five children. Joel is the fourth of John's five children from his marriage to Dodie. The names of his three elder siblings are Paul, Lisa and Tamara. His younger sister is April. They are also involved in full-time ministry.
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Hello:  I would like to know if Joel Osteen's parents originally came to
America from another country;  if so, can you tell me where they first
settled in America?  Thank you
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John, Dodi, justin, paul, liza, tamara, april
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