What Is The Summary For Sonata For Harp And Bicycle?


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A new employee comes to work at the grimes building. They have to leave the building before 5 pm and he doesn't know why. He (jason) asks his beautiful partner about the secret and she will not tell him. One night out of suspicion he comes back to the building in the night. He hers a bicycle bell. A ghost calls out for the name Daisy ( the ghosts lost love). He finds jason a grabs him with his hands . The next day at work jason has gray hair and Miss Golden realizes what he has done. He takes her out for some coffee and she tells him the story about Nightman William Heron and Daisy Bell. They were in love. She played the harp and gave lessons in one of the rooms in the building. Her and william started their affair. One night daisy didnt set her alarm to go see william. He got worried that she had left him that he jumped of the fire escape and died at 5 pm. Anyone who comes back to the building after 5 will jump off that same fire escape. One night jason ans miss golden go back to the building to reunite the ghosts. Afterwords to lift the curse they jump off the fire escape with a parachute and kiss in mid-air.
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At the end, its not to break the curse, its because he is proposing to miss Golden. Thats why he has the other set of roses and wine

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