How Can I Be A Better Drawer?


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You can do anything you set your mind to. Practice is important but to much can be stressful. Let your creativity flow and have fun with whatever it is. Don't get to concerned over tiny details.  You can fix it later instead of dwelling on it now.

Picasso said: "Every child is an artist until someone tells them they can't." Or something like that.  So don't let anyone discourage you either.

Besides the definition of what is good is up to the person so if you like it then it's fine :)

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I don't know I can't draw either
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Find some inspiration.
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Becoming a better drawer is not very hard. To begin, a good drawer will practice every single day. As they say, practice makes perfect and that is very true in drawing. Even if you only practice a few scribbles on a sheet of scrap paper, it is important that you practice every day.

You may also want to consider taking a drawing class. Many communities offer adult education programs that will normally have some form of drawing class. You can also check your local college for available art and drawing classes. With the internet, there are also online drawing courses as well. These classes are taught online, but are generally very good in helping you become a better drawer.

Go to the library and get some books on how to draw. Read them and practice the techniques that you read about. This will also help you to become a better drawer.
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Practice practice practice
practice practice.
It can't be said more. Drawing books will help, there fun too if there things you like to draw.

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