Can I Design My Own Coat Of Arms?


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  Yes, although registering to do so in an official capacity is time-consuming for Europeans.  For Americans, you can pretty much use what you like; heraldic images aren't protected by law in the USA.

  If you or the kids just want to have fun, there are some nice online software sites that will let them make up their own heraldic "achievements" -- the official name for the full coat of arms with crest and motto:

  Heraldry for kids.Shields Knights and   Heraldry.V & A Museum.

  You can even get your ideas more crisply designed and printed out on stationary or decorated on different types of objects, using the likes of Treemaker , Fleurdelis.comand similar websites.

  BUT if you want to make up a heraldic coat of arms that will be accepted by the sniffy ancient European institutions that regulate and recognise these otherwise protected images, you may find it quite tough going.  Heraldic images are protected by law in most of Europe.

  In England and Wales, a coat of arms has to be granted by the  "English King of Arms" -- in Scotland you apply to the Court of the Lord Lyon.

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