What Is The Cost Of First Class Postage To Canada?


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The cost of first class mail to Canada depends mostly on the weight and size of the item to be sent. When sending from the UK, another factor to be considered is whether the item is to be signed for, or whether a delivery confirmation is required.

Airmail letters start at £3.19 ($6.09) for items under 100 g, while airmail printed papers and air mail small packages below 100 g both start at £2.07 ($3.95). International signed for letters, printed papers and small packages of the same weight would cost £8.14 ($15.54) and £7.02 ($13.40) respectively.

Airsure letters, papers and packages provide delivery confirmation and prices start at £8.49 ($16.21) and £7.37 ($14.07) respectively. Prices for items of a higher weight and expected delivery times can be easily calculated using the office price finder.

If the item is to be sent from the US to Canada, prices also vary depending on size and weight. Postcards or postcard sized items start at a cost of $0.80 (£0.42) for items up to a weight of one ounce. 1 to 2 oz letters will incur a cost of $1.08 (£0.57), 2 to 3 oz letters are $1.36 (£0.71), while a weight of 3 to 3.5 oz will be priced at $1.64 (£0.86).

Larger flat envelopes start at $1.08 (£0.57) for items up to one ounce and rise by increments of $0.26 (£0.14) per additional ounce in weight. Packages, or small packets, start at a price of $1.72 (£0.90) up to one ounce of weight, increasing up to $17.82 (£9.33) for packages up to 64 oz.

More detailed information, including prices for larger packages, can be determined by consulting the"> USPS price calculator. Alternatively, the”> USPS Country conditions for Canada will give a detailed overview of prices.

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