What To Write In An RSVP Invitation?


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An RSVP invitation is not written in a much different manner than the conventional one the only difference being the RSVP related information. The term RSVP is a short form of the French expression 'Repondez, s'il vous plait' which means please respond. It is used mainly to determine the actual number of guests that would be attending the party that one is giving.

On receiving an RSVP invitation it is the duty of the recipient in keeping with good etiquette to inform the host of his accepting the invitation or in case he is not able to attend to convey his regrets.

The RSVP invitation like the conventional one would include the date, venue and time of the party or ceremony as may be the case it would be better to include a map of the location of the venue as well. In addition the host has to make a final list of all invitees and plan accordingly taking in to consideration the number of cancellations or surprise drop-ins.

The invitation should include all necessary information like the names of the hosts and the invitees the RSVP related information like telephone number as well as the address and the final date to respond today many prefer to include their E-mail address as well. One should also ensure for a breathing space between the RSVP dates and the actual event.

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