How Much Does It Cost To Send A Letter In The Mail?


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The cost to send a letter in the mail depends on what country you are in, where you are sending it to and the size and weight of the envelope. The type and speed of the delivery also makes a big difference.
For example, the postal rates as at June 2011 for a small letter, about 50g or 2 ounces in weight, being sent domestically by the are
United States: 64 US cents
United Kingdom: 46 British pence
Australia: 60 Australian cents

These prices are essentially for the cheapest available service, although the RoyalMail in the UK also offers a 'second class' service where you accept the risk that mail may not be delivered the next working day.

In most countries, express postal services are also available which start at around $4. These tend to require the item to be inserted into prepaid pouches which are picked up in special locations and often require that the receiver signs to acknowledge delivery.

To find the exact price of delivery, make sure that you know
- the size and weight of the item
- where it is being sent
- where it will be picked up or dropped off
- how quickly you require it to be delivered
- whether you require any guarentee of delivery or insurance for the contents

Then visit the relevant website of your country's postal service or your local post office. Some links are provided below
United States: United Kingdom: Australia:
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The price for a first-class mail stamp will increase 2 cents to 44 cents, starting May 11.
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To japan?
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First class to israel

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