Who Made The Painting MODIGLIANI? What other info can you share about it?


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Amedeo Modiglianai was a very popular artist of the 20th century. He was the son of Flaminio and Eugenia Modigliani form Livorno (Leghonr) Tuscany. He was their youngest child.When the family business was failing his mother began to give private lessons and translating services. She loved to tell myths and seeing this trait in her son encouraged his interest in myths.

Infected by typhoid in 1898 he left school and began taking lessons in drawing and painting, at the Art Academy in Livorno. In 1900 he contracted tuberculosis and went t Naples, onCapri and Rome. Modigliani enrolled in the Scuola libera di Nudo in Florence in 1902. From there he moved to Venice and studied at the Instituto di Bella Arti di Venizia studying the old masters. While in Venice, he began to use hashish, which led him in the direction of a debauched life in Paris. He studied life drawing at the Academy Colarissi and developed friendships with colleagues from around the world.

His first commissioned portrait was the Portrait of Paul Alexandre Against a Green Background in 1907 and The Amazon was painted in 1909, commissioned by Baroness Marguerite de Hasse de Villers. She was angered by the picture and refused to pay for it; Dr. Alexandre puchased it.

He eventually turned to sculpture and rumor is he stole the blocks of stone from construction sites and railroad sleepers from raliroad station, for the wooden heads he carved. He painted the Beatris Hastings, Madam Pompadour (Portrait of Beatrice Hastings. Portraits of his wife Ann Hanka, and his art dealers, Paul Guillaume, and Leopold Zborovski. HIs first art showing was December 1917 located next to a police stations and when the pictures were seen by the local police chief, scandalized by the nude pictures he shut the showing down.

He died in Paris January 24, 1920, the next day his pregnant companion Jeanne Hebuterne committed suicide and they are buried together in the Pere Lachaise cemetary in Paris. They a left a two year daughter later adopted by his sister in Florence. Their daughter Jeanne Modigliani later wrote the biography of her father Modigliani:Man and Myths.

You can find a listing of all his work online just by entering his name in google search bar and clicking.

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