What Is The Average Weight Of A Textbook?


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They vary, but most of mine are between one and two pounds
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Textbooks weigh at an average anywhere between one to three kilograms. Textbooks that deal with subjects of Science or Math are generally heavier than those teaching languages or history; the reason being that the former types generally have more details and illustrations included in them.

Textbooks are generally speaking getting heavier then they used to be as they contain a lot more information then they used to which includes amongst other things charts, illustrations, special features and diagrams. Sometimes the only consolation that children have is that all sorts of textbooks do have to be carried to school every day.

In certain cases schools where a greater emphasis is being given to learning on computers the importance of textbooks is diminishing. In American schools the presence of lockers reduces but does not eliminate the need to carry textbooks back and forth.
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The ones printed on a quality slick clay paper look really nice but are heavier than average. My high school books weighed an average of about 2.3 kg, and my college texts were heavier. American high school lockers help reduce the number of books you need to carry from class to class, but homework means you still carry books to and from school each day.

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