What Kind Of Letters Does Maria Duval Mail?


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Maria Duvall mails letters in which she claims to be clairvoyant. She claims to have chosen the person in question in particular and offers them lucky charms, personal advice and Lotto numbers she feels one should back. Maria Duval is not supposed to be a person at all but a front used by several telemarketing companies. The entire set up is supposed to be a scam where this fictional person Maria Duvall decides to change the person's luck in return for a fee. The scam is believed to be operating globally with people receiving mails in New Zealand, Canada and Europe.

The official address of her website is>.
Even despite numerous complaints received by banks and police authorities it is not exactly clear why no action has been taken against her or the telemarketers or both. Banks continue to process transactions relating to Maria Duvall in many places.

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