What Is A Sewing Machine?


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Sewing machines have been in existence since the 1800s and are machines that are defined to simulate hand sewing with one or more needles.  The original sewing machines where large and cumbersome machines that where limited in their functions and had many issues that made them almost too costly to use.  Mistakes where common and there was a lot of correction needed in the early days.  The modern day sewing machines are primarily digital and are all equip with a variety of different stitches making it easy for even the most inexperienced person comfortable in executing button holes and other intricate stitches. 

The history of the sewing machine starts in 1790 when a patent for "an awl that punched a hole in leather and passed a needle through the hole” filed by an English inventor and cabinet maker Thomas Saint.  Later, a reproduction of Saint's invention based on his patent drawings failed to work.  In 1810 a German, Balthasar Krems invented an automatic machine for sewing caps. He never patented his invention and it is reported to have not worked well.  Although all of his attempts where considered unsuccessful, Austrian tailor, Josef Madersperger made several attempts at inventing a machine for sewing and was eventually issued a patent in 1814.  A French patent was given to James Henderson and Thomas Stone for "a machine that emulated hand sewing” in 1804.  A patent was given to Scott John Duncan for an "embroidery machine with multiple needles” in that same year.  Each of these inventions failed and the public lost interest quickly.  The first American sewing machine was invented in 1818 by John Adams Doge and John Knowles. Their machine was functional in theory but failed at any substantial amounts of sewing before malfunctioning and causing more harm than good.  We have made many advances and now silks and other fine fabrics are trusted to sewing machines daily throughout the world.
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A sewing machine is said to be a type of a mechanical device that is used for the stitching or joining of fabrics by making the use of threads. A stitch that is created by a sewing machine is said to be known as a 'Sewing Machine Stitch'.

This stitch is usually done by making the use of three or four or more threads. The sewing machine is capable of creating a variety of stitching patterns and they also include the means for supporting, gripping and for the conveying of fabrics past the sewing needle and thus forming the stitch pattern.

Many of the sewing machines both used for home as well as industrial purpose use a two thread stitch that is known as the lockstitch.
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A sewing machine is the machine that makes your clothes. That machine is worth a lot of money just to get one. If you don't have one then you should try to get one to sew your clothes.

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