Would Tippex Damage Or Smear An Application Form? As Well As The Pen On The Application?


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Tippex is a gluey liquid that can be applied on paper. I do not recommend it for official papers. It would not smudge smear or damage the paper if you use it in correct quantity. There is a tip at the end that will go inside when you press against the paper, the paper has to be placed on a stiff soft plain, (glass is best) or else it will get damages. It is very viscous, so would not spread on the paper. It is not a good solvent, so it would never smudge ink, unless you try to use an old bottle of tippex with some thinner or turpentine added. When you have applied tippex, don't touch it until it gets dry. You can write over tippex only after it is completely dry. Before writing anything on tippexed surface leave it for at least an hour. If you changed your mind and wanted to remove the tippex, bend the paper gently where tippex is applied and roll smoothly. This will make small cracks on tippex and you can gently remove the tippex with a blade. If you apply a lot of tippex, that can crack and appear ugly. If the paper is not very clear white, tippex can appear clearly and gives an unprofessional or unofficial look to the paper.
It is always better to practice with tippex at first, to use it as a thin coat and to control the flow with the pressure. It is easy to learn and fun to draw on dark surfaces. A tippex bottle can be used for a long time; some people think it is addictive to use tippex. If a tippex bottle is reaching the expiry date try using it for some artwork on dark surfaces or leather. If you don't like an artwork made with tippex, you can wipe it out with turpentine or thinner. But never use thinner or turpentine to reuse a dried out tippex. Also don't try to remove tippex on a paper with thinner or turpentine, it will smudge the ink, and make a really mess.
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You don't usually need to wait a whole hour, vishva. Have you tried a tippex pen? That dries in a matter of mere seconds.
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Oops! I should have mentioned as minutes. That is a really big mistake.
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Tippex doesn't smear as long as you apply it properly and leave it to dry for a while.I only need to leave it to dry for a minute or two.It isn't damaging but you need to be careful not to apply too much.

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