What Are Warm And Cold Colours?


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Warm colors are oranges, reds and yellows and combinations of these colors. Cold colors are colors such as blues, greens and purples and neutral colors such as gray, white and silver.

  • Warm colors
Warm colors can make a person think of fire, heat and/or sunlight. A warm color looks as though it comes closer or advances. This means that in a room with warm colors, shades appear to be coming forward, making the walls seem closer. This is why a room will look cozier when warm colors are used. A warm colored room may also include brown shades.

  • Cold colors
Cold colors can make a person think of sky and water. A cool color looks as though it is receding and will make a room seem larger. A cool color has the ability to soothe and calm.

Quite a few ancient cultures, such as the Chinese and Egyptians, used to practice chromotherapy, which involved using colors for healing purposes. Today, chromotherapy is referred to as colorology or light therapy as an alternative or holistic treatment. Both warm and cold colors were and are still used.

  • Red was used in stimulating the mind and body and to aid circulation.
  • Orange was used in healing the lungs and increasing energy levels.
  • Yellow was used in stimulating the nerves and purifying the body.
  • Blue was used for soothing illnesses and treating pain.
  • Indigo shades were used in alleviating skin problems.

Colors can also signify emotions. Red denotes physical energy and anger. An example would be 'He saw red!', meaning he was really angry. Pink denotes an unselfish heart and sensitivity. Yellow denotes compassion, warm-heartedness and intelligence. Green can denote growth and balance as well as envy, as in 'He was green with envy!' Blue can denote independence and stubbornness.
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Warm colours include yellow, orange, red (colours also symbolize fire elements)
cold colours include blue, green, purple (colour also symbolizes nature elements)
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Warm Colours: Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink and Gold
Cold Colours: Green, Blue, Purple, Brown and Silver
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Cold colors- purple, blue, grey, green
warm colors- red, orange, yellow,

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Red and yellow
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Cold colours are dark red,  dark blue, dark green and pink.
Warm colours are red, yellow, dark brown and brown.

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