What Do The Different Colours Of Shag Bangs Mean?


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Well red is suppose to mean rape
green is threesome
yellow is finger
black is sex with a condom
white/clear is sex without a condom
pink is snog
blue is marriage
thats what ive been told
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I've been told that
white is drinking spearm
pink is kiss
orange is snog
green is poke
black is hardcore sex
glitter ones are girls choise
and navey blue is boys choise
and i am scared to break them and my boyfriend wants to break the oange one
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Blue is sex in the city
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They're amazing I'm 10 and every one wears them and everyguy is trying to snap it off me!
Because they fancy me
green-blow job (IT SAYS ALL ON PACK)
pink- giving someone a hickey to either sex
purple- snog
blue - oral sex
gold- wichever you choose

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