How Do You Make A Man's Wallet?


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If you want to be creative and make your own wallet, you can make you wallet out of a deck of playing cards. Another creative idea for a wallet would be to make it out of duct-tape wallets. However, as duct-tape wallets now seem to be out of style, the most creative idea would be to make a wallet out of a deck of playing cards.

To make a wallet out of a deck of playing cards, you have to take three cards of your choice out of the deck and lay them side-by-side, face-up, about a quarter-of-an-inch apart, tape the cards together with clear tape, repeat this procedure with another set of three cards, lay the two sets of cards beside each other in a three by two rectangle, connect them together using the tape, turn the cards over and cover the sticky parts with tape, roll them over another time and fold the cards toward each other so that they face outward, tape the two short sides together and join three of the four sides together. The wallet is now complete, so it can now be used to put your money in and put in your pocket.
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