How Do You Make Cute Invitations?


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You can make invitations at home and not only will this save you the time, money and energy required to purchase them but you can also have loads of fun making the invitations. If you have kids why not get them to pitch in as well- it can be a fun activity for the entire family.

First you will need to buy all the supplies you will require. Plan ahead and buy appropriately. Take an old greeting card envelope, open it out completely and then trace its shape on some coloured paper and cut it. Now stick and fold as per the sample old envelope. Once you made as many envelopes as you need set them aside and concentrate on the cards.

Now unleash your creativity. The kind of card you make will really depend upon what kind of party or celebration the invite is for. If it's for a kiddie birthday party may be you can draw or stick a cartoon figure on the outside and putting a little cloud with an arrow above it write out the invite like say for instance "please come for my party on Friday" or something like that. If the invitation is for children then make sure you make the cards in bright vibrant colours.
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Thank You this was so much help making my daughters birthday invatations!
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