How Do You Make A Biography?


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  • What is a biography?
A biography is a personalized narrative of somebody else's life. In comparison, an autobiography is a biography written by the subject themselves.

More than just a series of facts and figures, a biography will include a descriptive narrative of the subject's life story. Conveying  experiences and memories, it will highlight various points in an individuals life, and is often very personal and anecdotal.

There is no easy way to write a biography, with many hours of research and interviews required. However the following are the basic steps you must follow:

  • Pick a subject
It may sound simple, but without a subject your biography will never get off the ground. You can write about anybody you like, family members, friends and celebrities.

  • Collect as much information as you can find
An ill-prepared biography will not be interesting, and the more research you do the better the final outcome. Biographers often spend years compiling information, such as letters, newspaper clippings and pictures. They conduct interviews with the subjects friends, family, acquaintances and even in some instances the individual they are writing about.

  • Make a plan
Before you begin to write, make a conscious effort to prepare how you would like the biography to progress.

  • Always ask questions
From the preparation stage of gathering your information to the writing, continually question what you are writing. Remember you will already have a keen interest in the subject, but you are writing for an audience who may not be aware of who or what they have done.

Always think to yourself - 'Why and what makes them so interesting?', 'How can I describe them?, 'How did an event change them or influence others and society?'.

Always read and re-read your work. Ask others to check it for you and try reading it out loud as this will help you notice any repetition and errors.
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I'm so confused and I need to make a biography about me
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Any major happened ?
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Research the person
Read books
Read magazines
Internet research
Interviews (if possible)
Exploration of that person's inner world (cafes, homes, favorite things)
Select an angle
Learn all about a person's life (personal, professional, private)
Select one aspect of that person's life (or one time period)
Focus all your research on that component
Try to select an aspect of that person's life that has not yet been told
Write an outline
Organizing your thoughts it vital in writing a biography
Select the main events in the person's life on which to focus
Write them in a certain order (chronological, professional development, etc.)
Even though this is a Biography, you will still need a thesis statement. The thesis will essentially tell the reader what you are trying to express about your subject in one sentence. The person's tagline or motto, if you will.
Write the paper
Simple, pick up your pen (or turn on your computer) and write away
Write more than less. In Biographies, there is always more to cover than is necessary. It is much easier to cut out than try to add in later on.
Edit the paper
As mentioned before, every writer needs an editor.
Edit purely for grammar, punctuation
Edit purely for content (logical flow)
Give the paper to someone else to read
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A biography is a written account of a chain of events that make a person's life written stylistically. Mostly there have been biographies written on famous people. Nonetheless, you can write a biography of your mentor or any body else. You will need to collect some basic data before you start writing a biography like date and place of birth and death (if the person is dead), the person's family information, major events of line, effects or impact of the person on society, lifetime accomplishments and the person's historical significance.

This information by itself cannot make an interesting biography. You should make the beginning interesting by the mention of an interesting event or the story of the person's death it self. Your goal should be to impress your readers and keep them hooked on to the book. Write the facts in an enticing way. Visit For more tips on how to write a biography.
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