Explain The Story The Suitor And Papa By Anton Chekhov With Proverbs?


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Written by the masterful Russian playwright, Anton Chekhov, Suitor and Papa tells the story of a young man who whiles away his summer in a pastoral setting, spending his time visiting with a family and wooing one of the family's daughters. Over time, the young man's charm has its effect, and the daughter is fully smitten. Most of the locals, and well as the daughter's father (and the daughter herself) believe that the young man, Pyotr, will pop the question. However, their belief is way off base, as the carefree playboy has no desire to give up his freedom over an innocent summer fling.

  • Problems surface...

In time, the father confronts young Pyotr about his reticence, asking him why he doesn't ask for his daughter's hand in marriage. Pyotr tries his best to worm his way out of the situation, telling all manner of tales about himself that paint him as a criminal and a lunatic.

  • The insanity defense

At the end of the story, after Pyotr reveals his "insanity" and a certificate to prove he is insane, his would-be father-in-law tells him that he will give him another certificate... One that says he is completely sane. The father-in-law reasons that any chap who doesn't wish to wed is totally sane, and therefore, Pyotr is in perfect mental health; thus concludes this amusing story...

Chehov uses wit and irony to add interest and humor to this story, which tells the tale of a charming cad who wishes to put off any real responsibility in life for as long as possible. Chekhov, whose greatest masterpieces are The Cherry Orchard and Uncle Vanya, uses familiar themes and morals in The Suitor and Papa.

This short story is not one of Anton Chekhov's most famous works, but it still reflects his mental sophistication, and shows how he exposes uncomfortable truths through expert storytelling.
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A father trying to marry off his daughter to a man who doesn't want to get married.
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This is a lesson about a suitor who trying to get away from nastaya who every one seems he is marrying.the story includes humorous excuses made by milkin to get away from the problem...another thing
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