In Dance How You Do The Tarantella?


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Tarantella is a traditional dance originated in Italy. It was named after Taranto, a coastal city in Apulia, Italy. It is associated with the word 'tarantula' which means a large a spider. The dance originated during the Middle Ages which might have been evolved from an older dance. It is a couple dances and dancing the tarantella all alone is considered to be unlucky. It is danced in a form of a circle performed clockwise and when the music changes or becomes faster, the dance changes its direction. The cycle pattern is done several times till it becomes difficult to keep up with the beat. Mandolins and tambourines are the main instruments played during the dance. The tarantella can be seen in some typical south Italian weddings.
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Wow Does the Last line of the explaination of the Tarantella ever bring back memories for those of us who attended the "Southern Italian" weddings in the Walla Walla Valley....growing up in the 50's and 60's it was a typical site to see the "old folk's" dance it. It was a treat....

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