What Do The Paintings, Eve And Adam, By Barnett Newman, Look Like?


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Barnett Newman's paintings, 'Eve' and 'Adam' are simple compositions which were each painted with two colours each.

'Eve' (1950) is an oil painting on canvas. It is hung without a frame and the paint runs to the outside edges of the canvas. It is 244 cm high and 173 cm wide.

The appearance of 'Eve' is simple. It is painted in bright red and a darker red. The painting is hung vertically and the two bands of colour meet in the middle. The bright red colour covers slightly more surface than the dark red colour. The paint is applied thinly, so that tiny areas of white canvas show through.

'Adam' (1951-2) measures 243 by 203 cm. Its design is slightly more complex than 'Eve'. It is also hung vertically and unframed. A dark reddish brown colour covers most of the surface. It is intersected by three 'stripes' of bright red. Newman called these stripes 'zips'.

Both paintings are kept at the Tate Art Museum, in London.

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