What Are The Accelerated Reader To Twilight?


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Bella asks edward for him to turn her into a vampire.
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Some questions and answers are.....

Q: What does Edward tell Bella when she asks about the car crash?
A: Nobody will believe her anyway.

Q: How does Charlie feel about the asks?
A: He is upset that nobody will accept them.

Q: What is Bella's reason as to why she can't go to prom with Tyler?
A: She is going to Jacksonville that weekend.

Another question is "What does Bella ask Edward for?" but I do not remember what the correct answer is.  I hope I have helped!!
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I'm hoping you keep writing like this. I love how careful and in depth you go on this topic. Keep up the great work bouncing balls and red ball

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I have seen the movie but I haven't read the book.

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I don't know the answers but uh maybe you could just try to uh READ the book!!!!!!
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I read all the books 8 years ago and I am taking an AR test on it at my daughters school to be involved with her and obviously need a refresher since it's been almost a decade since I read them. Not everyone is asking info on them bc they don't read the books, Get a life you don't have to be rude for no apparent reason when no one did anything to you. You don't like someone asking information on the book then go about your business, did someone ask you? No! They didn't. So your unnecessarily rude comment is pointless.

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